Saturday, February 15, 2014

When I immerse myself  (however briefly) in a culture that dates back centuries, I realize how I am here on this earth for only a few moments. When I listen about the long peaceful history of the Acoma Nation, interrupted by conquerors and then the encroachment of the dominant culture of the United States, I admire the people who work to ensure that their rich cultural traditions remain.  The Acoma Pueblo has preserved the Acoma Mesa, on which many people lived over centuries, surviving raids, droughts, and attempts to destroy their cultural traditions.  A visit to the Acoma Nation leaves one in awe at the ability of the people to persevere.  These few photos give a sense of the place.

A dog watches warily as tourists wander about the mesa.

As we leave, there is an overlook that allows us to look back on the beautiful mesas in the valley.